Dear Students in this subjects we will cover following topics, so far we have covered 40 percent of course before emergency situation.

Agricultural Development; Meaning Importance and its characteristics; Problems of Rural Pakistan; Developmental Issues/Problems and Needs; Farm Production; Land capability and land use; Land Reforms in Pakistan; Agrarian Structure and Role of Agri. in Economic Develop Agricultural Problems; Agriculture Reforms and their role in development; Agriculture Markets; Definition; Nature and Scope of Marketing; The Management Process in marketing; Role of Farmers Cooperative Societies in Agriculture Marketing; Agriculture inputs, Availability; Problems. Role of Research and Extension.

Details of assignments will be share time to time 

Etymology definitions, of Demography
Consept and scope Demography
 Demography importance History, theories, 
Indicators Demography
Demographic Cycle
Geographic Mobility
Tools and Measurement 
Demographic issues South aisan context (Pakistan, India Bangladish ).
Population of Pakistan, population explosion and its causes.
Important terminologies Use in Demographic issues e.g death rate, Birth rate Mortality, Morbidity etc.
Course out come: Students will learn basic problems in data collection and issues, Survey design, linking objectives with survey, Demographic indicators.
Practical Assignments : students will be guided to collect data in current pandemic COVID-19 
Recommended Books: Population: An Introduction to Concept and Issues  by Jhon R. Weeks Eight Edition  Publisher Wadsworth 2001.