Agron-602 Principles of Agronomy 4(2-4)

Course Content

Agronomy, definition and scope.

Tillage-its objectives and types.

Quality seed and its uses.

-Crop nutrients, manures and fertilizers, classification, composition, sources and methods of application, green manuring.

Irrigation management, irrigation methods, water-use efficiency.

Weeds, insect pests and diseases of major field crops.

Crop rotation principles and types.

Harvesting storage and marketing of farm produce.

Integration of factors of crop production for effective use of various agricultural inputs.


Demonstration and use of tillage implements, preparatory tillage,

seedbed preparation and intercultural operations,

Seed identification and purity analysis.

Identification of organic and inorganic fertilizers and manures.

Calculation of nutrient cum-fertilizer unit value.

Visits to university farms and grain stores.

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