Course Description (Introduction)

Course Title: Beverage Technology  

Course Code: FST-602

Department: Food Science and Technology 

Degree: Bachelor in Agriculture 

Semester: 7th Semester Fall-2020

Academic Year: 2018-2021

Credits: 3

List of topics to be covered

History of beverages. Essential concepts of enology and beer production. Technology and quality evaluation of water, juiciness, pulp, squashes, syrup, tea, nectar, rts,  wines, and distillates obtained from different plant raw material, such as sake, grappa, brandy and cognac, whisky, rum, calvados. Distillation techniques. Liquors: technology and ingredients. Alterations and defects of alcoholic beverages. visit to factories related to the topics of the course.

Teaching language: English

Specific educational objectives

The course both gives a general overview of scientific contents and is designed for acquiring professional skills and knowledge

Educational objectives

Course Objectives After studying the course the student will be able to: 

(i) Describe the characteristics and production methods of both alcoholic and non‐ alcoholic beverage types.   

(ii) Use laboratory techniques to analyze and measure important physicochemical parameters of beverages. 

(iii) provide adequate knowledge of the technical aspects related to the official regulations.

Learning outcomes:

Knowledge and understanding

(a) Adequate knowledge and understanding about the development of various types of fruits and vegetable beverage products such as juices, squashes, nectar, and alcoholic beverages such as wines, distillates and liquors.

Applying knowledge and understanding

(a) Developing the capability of integration of information, both in horizontal way (technological, chemical, biological, and regulatory aspects involved in each processing technology) and in vertical way (reasonable sequence of processes along the production chain of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages); 

(b) Capability of carrying out strategies for the optimization of a technological or biotechnological process in the sector of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages 

(c) Capability of evaluating the potentiality of innovative technologies.

Making judgement

Capability of identify the information be needed to improve the efficiency of the processes and the quality of the alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages;

Communication skills

Capability of clearly and exhaustively communicate notions, ideas, problems and technical solutions to interlocutors, either professional or not, representative of the various and specific competencies in the supply chain of alcoholic beverages (agronomists, engineers, biologists, chemists, nutritionists, administrators)

Learning skills

To get the learning skills that are necessary to continue to undertake further study in the sector of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages with a good level of autonomy.